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Daniel Gestwick

President/Executive Recruiter

About Gestwick Recruitment Solutions

Contingency Search

This is the best option when a company plans to utilize other recruitment methods and does not want any initial out of pocket cost. Pricing varies depending on exclusivity and level of the position and difficulty of the search.

Retained Search

Retained Search is the best option for senior level or other key positions when you need us to handle the entire search start to finish.


We will meet with your hiring team in person, establish a recruitment plan, conduct an exhaustive search of the marketplace using a variety of methods then assist with all interview scheduling, debriefing, follow-up and offer negotiation with your selected candidate.

Hourly Search

Quickly becoming our most popular search service, this option allows a company to add a professional, direct recruitment effort to what they may already be doing on their own. You can run an ad or consider internal candidates while Gestwick Recruitment Solutions recruits candidates who may not be actively looking.


This combined effort ensures that you are seeing all viable candidates that are available, qualified and interested in your open position.


We charge an hourly rate, that is billed in blocks of time, with NO ADDITIONAL FEE as the result of a placement!

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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